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Maybe some time alone in the crib will sort her out. With each movement the vibrator presses into her diaper and she can't help but cum. Already today, Lolette had coerced her into getting into Mommy's closet to bring the little girl something slinky and slutty to wear. July 8, at

DESCRIPTION: Cheshire teasingly strokes his cock with lotion and powder until it gets excited and hard, but wraps it up in a diaper before he can cum. Being fed from a bottle even has a calming effect on Emma, who seems to forget all about the fussy way she was feeling a moment ago. September 23, at 6: With her arms tied above her head, her legs forced apart by a spreader bar, her diaper securely locked inside a chastity belt, blindfolded, and gagged - there is nothing she can do but struggle and squirm.

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I lay her down on the floor, take off her frilly panties and soaked diaper, and wipe her until she's clean. A woman can come without ever touching herself — she can just think about you making love to her and close her eyes and orgasm.

  • Ellie also has to wear mittens and let her Mommy secure her wrists to the highchair with softly padded cuffs - Mommy doesn't want Baby to make a mess with her food! Mommy Cheshire knows it's time for Apple to make peepee, otherwise she might have an accident.
  • I tie up her hands so she can't cause any trouble, and then I wrap her up in a fluffy cloth diaper.
  • This question gets both of you in the mood. The Doctor decides that full regression treatment is what little Lolette needs.
  • Now Apple and Sasha are going to have to punish her. Who knows, you just might find what your looking for.
  • If he protests when Cheshire leads him into the nursery she just giggles and boops his nose in a condescending way.

I know it's humiliating but if she is going act like an unruly baby I'm going to treat her like one. Alix Lynx takes a quick post-sex shower. Here she is enjoying some much needed Baby Time, sucking on a big, pink, toy popsicle, and making a bit of a mess. Lolette makes her open wide and places a pill into her mouth.

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Daddy walks in and sees how wet I am, he knows I need a diaper now but I don't want Texhing take off my warm, wet pullups yet. Lamby can't sooth her but after Loli tugs at the buttons on Mommy's dress Vanessa gives her little girl exactly what she needs to settle down. Of course, not every question will work with every girl. Koko is having fun playing in the nursery and cuddling Mr.

Apple is occupied with toys in her playpen, so everything should be just fine You've tried snooping through her phone, but all her messages with coworkers only vaguely reference something called 'the clinic'.

The childish print on her diaper is much sexier to her than any grown up underwear. I strip her and stand her in the corner to wait while I set up the next part of her punishment All that water has to go somewhere

September 14, at 4: Poor little Apple cries and begs, but her sisters only laugh as they spank, powder and diaper her bottom.

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  • She just needs a little training first. She makes sure you can see her wiggling her thickly padded bottom while she splashes around in the ball pit and even strips off her shirt to be a nakey baby.
  • Emma is having some Baby Time, happily at play in the nursery.

Mandy is such a naughty baby. It must be your lucky day, because she has a bargain for you. When bath time is over, Apple has a big, fluffy towel to wrap her baby up in. Today, you're going to find out exactly what she does at 'the clinic'. My warm, wet diaper makes me feel little and wiggly.


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