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I definetely gonna come back here and read your always beautiful recap. He voiceovers that had he not been stuck in traffic, had he not dropped his cellphone and was looking for it, then he would have never met her. Ji-hoon is calling her, over and over, and you know that she wants more than anything to pick up the phone and go to him. Hanae sits down at the dinner table with her mom while dad reads a paper on the sofa.

DESCRIPTION: Boss has heard the latest on-dit about shy reserved Hanae actually having a boyfriend and is very happy for her. JH, please find out why she did that. Flin April 7, at 9: As Hanae waits for the bus to work and gets on, she admits to daydreaming that a prince on a white horse would ride up and whisk her away when she first started working.

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  • I am completely and totally invested in this story and these characters.
  • Hitomi chews out such women for being too scared to take initiative in the dating pool while bemoaning the lack of a good man in their lives. She wants everything to turn out OK.
  • I love love love how he brightens the screen with that smile… ahhhhhhh…. Yun Chao seems an interesting character already.

A seven-year-old girl was awarded a certificate of appreciation by Queensland Police on June 22, for calling triple zero call in when her father fell unconscious. Cuz I was too happy and excited that I had to comment first I have been reading your blog for a few month now.. Sunny Happiness is so true to its title. Plus, he gushes over Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's engagement! Usually I think contract marriages are really unrealistic, fun yes, but not plausible. Inside secret men's club 0: No reflection on the actress, but I am so tired of female characters like Na Yoon. When Ji-hoon grabs her hand, the same way she grabs his hand earlier.

Oct 17,  · After two long years away from the urge to recap a J-dorama, the arrival of the romance-centric love triangle Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (Today I Take the Day Off Work) flips the dormant switch right when I was mourning the . Marriage Contract: Episode 10 by LollyPip. Just as half of our couple starts to realize their true feelings, the other half begins to pull away — though not .

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Episode 1 Recap

Yuto reads between the lines and asks if Hanae lied about having a boyfriend? I totally agree about the make-up scene, and especially the removal scene. They narrowly miss Marriwge on their way to catch the ferry, and when he gets back to the cabins, Mi-ran tells him that he should go home before his father gets angry. Lastly, the removal of the makeup scene was well written and performed. Camkim April 7, at 6: I have been waiting--hoping--for this recap to post because this episode has been on my mind since I saw it.

I actually went and watched both ep. I noticed she's getting progressively thinner, not only in this drama, but in her last four. Let's pray this won't Mxrriage.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I found the first episode with English subs on dramacool. For the time being, its a moot point as to who I favor her ending up with. He stares in shock before turning to look into the elevator that Hanae ran out of and sees Yuto inside.

And I can't even blame Hyesoo for rejecting him. Salisbury North player Alex Stengle incident 0: She's also increasingly nice to dislike, and her presence only solidify's Ji-Hoon's choice in Hye-Soo now.

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  • Go for a drive in Second Valley, South Australia 0: So I am glad this one is not like LC.
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  • She is about to be assigned to clean the office of the new hotel president the hotel was purchased by the Tian Yu Group last week , who is rumored to be exacting, demanding, and cold.

Most of the times, I enjoy those fluffy little romantic comedies and if they have especially strong character development or good plotlines, I rate it solid. Maybe because we relate the emotions here to our own life. Press Enter to Search. This is becoming my number one show too, replacing Come Back Catch up on E!

Wallaby sacked by KFC 0: Yuto wishes Hanae a happy birthday and she is so touched as she blows out the candle. Better for him to hate her and break up before their feelings for each other get any deeper than it already is.

I like them both so whomever she ends up with is OK with me. Don't mix business and personal finance 1:


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